Vyon® Porous Plastics - The Original Manufacturers

Porvair Sciences Limited are global leaders in the manufacturing and development of cutting-edge porous plastics technologies. We specialise in the filtration and separation of materials for biotechnology, pharmaceutical and life science industries.

When it comes to media support, our porous plastic technologies are the leading choice for applications in process and flash chromatography and SPE markets. 

Chromatography Chromatography

From homecare services right through to the operating theatre, our innovative materials can be found as a component in a wide range of medical and healthcare products.

Medical & Healthcare Medical & Healthcare

Porvair Sciences continue to supply highly regulated, specialised porous plastics for the pharmaceutical and healthcare packaging industry.

Pharmaceutical Packaging Pharmaceutical Packaging

Our advanced porous materials are found in a wide range of products used in analytical and clinical testing laboratories. We offer bespoke materials for products such as pipette tip filters and lab water consumables.

Lab Consumables Lab Consumables

Our original Vyon® range of materials, manufactured since the 1950s, have been engineered to meet the needs of our industrial customers. Explore a wide range of applications, from powder handling through to battery vents.

Industrial Industrial
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