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Porvair Science's wide ranges of Vyon® and sintered porous plastic materials are used in a broad range of filter applications. Porous plastic is an ideal material for both liquid and gas filtration.  These materials have delivered optimum filtration solutions in a wide range of industries from medical and healthcare through to industrial. The tortuous path of the  Vyon® and porous plastics offer excellent depth filtration. Manufactured to a variety of pore sizes and thickness, our porous plastic materials can be used to filter out a large variety of different particulate. Our materials are also effective at bacterial filtration and preventing microbial ingress.



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The Vyon® silencer is a sintered polyethylene body moulded to a high density polyethylene adapter. The tortuous path of our Vyon® porous plastic materials ensure the air flow has to escape the to the atmosphere by expanding through the porous structure, thus reducing the noise level. The noise from a single unsilenced exhaust port is reduced from about 90 decibels to between 60 and 70 decibels when fitted with a Vyon® silencer (please see our Vyon® silencer product). 90 decibels correspond to the noise produced by a heavy truck or underground train passing at a distance of a few feet and represents the acknowledged danger level to which people should not be exposed for any length of time. By comparison, 60 decibels correspond to normal conversation at a distance of 1 metre (3 feet).


The porous materials we manufacture offer excellent properties for venting. Allowing closed environments to breathe is extremely important.  Key properties to enable efficient venting include strength, pore size and air flow. Combined with good filtration properties means we can offer vents which also prevent microbial ingress. This makes our Vyon® porous plastics particularly suitable for the pharmaceutical and medical industries.


Sintered porous plastic Vyon® and materials are ideal for wicking and fluid transfer applications. The media's uniform porosity enables the controlled release of a substance, such as chemicals, fragrance and drugs. We also have the ability to enhance the material's properties and performance by chemical modification of the material surface.


Vyon® porous plastics tortuous design ensures an even distribution of air flow. We have optimised our materials by controlling the pore size and ensuring uniform density across the porous plastic. End use requirements can vary from inhalation devices in medical industry right through to industrial water aeration and sparging. Our diffusion and sparging products are bespoke and designed to meet specific end-use performance requirements.

Media SupportMedia Support

Vyon® offers a rigid, self-supporting structure which will retain the required media without any breakthrough.  Our bespoke design Vyon® and porous plastics are optimised with specific flow and pore size characteristics to meet industry requirements.  Media support is a key application in many products, from chromatography SPE resins through to dialysis cartridges.


Our Vyon® porous plastic is particularly suitable in the powder handling industry. With its uniform pore structure, an even air flow from the plenum chamber facilitate fluidisation on the inside of the hopper or bed surface. Vyon® FDA approved materials are suitable for both food and pharmaceutical applications and offer an even area fluidisation with no dead spots. Vyon® porous plastic is self-supporting due to its semi-rigid nature, thereby reducing the need for the external support structures that are required with traditional canvas and felt media.


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