Vyon® porous plastics offer a wide variety of solutions and often perform multiple functions within end-user devices.  As your partner, our team will develop bespoke solutions to help solve your design challenges ensuring you receive the optimum product.

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Vyon® porous plastic is an ideal material for both liquid and gas filtration. Manufactured to a variety of pore sizes and thickness, the tortuous path offers excellent filtration performance making them effective at removing contamination including bacteria and collecting valuable product or catalyst. These materials deliver optimum filtration solutions in a wide range of industries from medical and healthcare through to industrial.

Example Products: Water and dust filters, pipette tip filters

The porous materials we manufacture offer excellent properties for venting. Allowing closed devices to breathe while providing protection against the external environment is extremely important in a variety of industries.  Key properties to enable efficient venting include strength, pore size and air flow. Combined with good filtration properties means we can offer vents which also prevent microbial ingress. This makes our Vyon® porous plastics particularly suitable for the pharmaceutical and medical industries. 

Example Products: Catheter vents, Battery vents, Sterile vents


Vyon® offers a fully optimised solution to retain the required media without breakthrough. Our bespoke Vyon® porous plastics are designed with specific flow and pore size characteristics to meet industry standards including any regulatory requirements.   

Our porous plastics are rigid, self-supporting and easy to incorporate into automated assembly process’.   

Example Products: Spe frits, Process chromatography bed supports, dialysis media


The media’s uniform porosity enables the controlled release of a substance, such as chemicals, fragrance and drugs. Vyon® porous plastics feature a tortuous structure to ensure an even transmission of gas or liquid. From their use in fragrance release devices or as aeration spargers, Vyon® materials are optimised by controlling the pore size and density across the porous plastic. Our diffusion and sparging products are bespoke and designed to meet specific end-use performance requirements. 

Example Products: Bio-reactor spargers (NEW), Wastewater treatment aeration media, Fragrance release


Vyon® sintered porous plastics are ideal for wicking and fluid transfer applications. Their natural oleophilic properties allows the absorption of oil based liquids with our in-house hydrophilic plasma technology further enhancing the range for use with aqueous solutions. The key properties which influence the absorption rate and capacity are pore size, void volume and surface energy. Our team will help you select the right solution from our wide materials range. 

Example Products: Diagnostic wicks, Drug delivery absorbers, Fragrance release


Delivering precise liquid transfer using capillary action, Vyon® advanced porous plastic work well within applicator devices. Initially solving industry needs in the consumer markets, porous plastics are ideal in topical applicators and other medical devices. With it’s rigid and self-supporting structure, Vyon® applicator materials can easily be incorporated into automated assembly and can withstand multiple application cycles within its lifespan. Vyon® applicator materials are bespoke to meet the specific liquid transfer requirements.

Example Products: Topical applicators


The tortuous paths of Vyon® porous plastic makes them an ideal material for silencing (muffling) ensuring the safety of users and equipment alike. Our lightweight Vyon® materials ensure the air flow escapes into the atmosphere by expanding through the porous structure, thus reducing the noise level. Vyon® silencing materials are available in bespoke geometries and fixtures or as one of our standard pneumatic silencers. Products from our standard silencer range are designed with either BSP or push-in adaptors to connect directly to your exhaust port and can reduce the noise level by up to 30dB.   

Example Products: Vyon® silencer range


Our Vyon® porous plastic is particularly suitable in the powder handling industry. With its uniform pore structure, an even air flow from the plenum chamber facilitates fluidisation on the inside of the hopper or bed surface, reducing powder ratholing and clumping. Manufactured from regulatory approved polymers, our Vyon® materials are suitable for both food and pharmaceutical applications. Vyon® porous plastic is self-supporting due to its rigid structure, thereby reducing the need for the external support structures that are required with traditional canvas and felt media. 

Example Products: Fluidisation cones and plates