Our advanced porous materials are found in a wide range of products used in analytical and clinical testing laboratories. We have developed bespoke materials for products such as pipette tip filters and lab water consumables.

Pipette Tip Filters

Specifically designed to prevent sample carryover and aerosol bypass, our expertise in porous plastic manufacturing enables us to offer a range of pipette tip filters that are produced with precise specification, optimal air flow and laboratory grade materials that ensure a clean and contaminant-free liquid handling system.

Pipette Tip Filters
  • Fully customisable
  • Excellent frit-to-frit consistency
  • Optimised airflow for superior liquid handling
  • Rigid and easy to assemble in mass production
  • Manufactured to tight tolerances with an excellent edge-finish
  • Sterilisation by ethylene oxide and gamma radiation
  • Manufactured from regulatory approved polymers
  • Polyethylene (HDPE & UHMWPE)
  • PE-Liquid shut off Composite

Vyon® pipette filters are typically supplied in the following geometries but are fully customisable to your requirements.

  • Cut Discs
  • Mouldings

Water Purification

Vyon® material is an excellent granulate support for laboratory water purification cartridges. Our Vyon® materials are manufactured to stringent pore size characteristics to ensure no breakthrough of the finer granulates typically used in this application.

Water Purification Filters
  • Excellent frit to frit consistency
  • Rigid and easy to assemble in production
  • Manufactured to tight tolerances with an excellent edge finish ensures an optimum fit into your housing
  • Uniform porosity and flow
  • Offers excellent media retention and support
  • Vyon® PP
  • Vyon® HDPE
  • Machined discs & shapes
  • Rotary cut discs
  • Punched discs & shapes