About Vyon Porous Plastics

Porvair Sciences are global leaders in the manufacturing and development of cutting-edge porous plastics technologies. Specialising in the filtration and separation of materials for biotechnology, pharmaceutical and life science industries, we deliver bespoke design and engineering expertise for a wide range of products and applications.

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Original Manufacturers of Porous Plastic Materials

With patents dating back to the 1950’s, our porous plastics continue to evolve, adapt and respond to changes in technologies, markets and customer needs. Empowered by 50 years of industrial experience, we strive to continue delivering world class, high performing products while providing superior customer service, every step of the way. Our diverse team of scientists, engineers and creative thinkers are committed to providing expert solutions that brings value and integrity to our customers.


Through collaborative projects with global companies and research institutions, Porvair Sciences continue to innovate by pushing the boundaries of porous plastic development. From perfume devices/filters, marker pens to devices and systems for medical diagnostics and drug delivery applications, our patented materials can be found at the heart of a wide range of innovative technologies. 

Why work with us?

Material selection and manufacturing

Our experience in advanced porous materials and manufacturing ensures fit-for purpose materials and fabricated products. Partnering the right science with the right technology comes through understanding your application performance needs and regulatory requirements.

Skilled Partnership

Our core strength in both chemical and engineering design provides device platforms that give optimum solutions bespoke to your application. Our team is flexible in their approach enabling us to collaborate with your team and ensure a successful project completion. 

Project management and delivery

Our understanding of your regulatory requirements, deliverables and timescales means your product will meet market demand, placing you ahead of the competition. All projects are assigned a key contact and team who will work closely with your company up to the point of completion.

Centre for Quality Excellence

Our high expectation for quality, coupled with our commitment to continuous improvement, assures you that our raw materials are carefully selected and our manufacturing processes are optimally controlled to cGMP standards

Unrivalled customer service

Our customer service team are highly trained and skilled to ensure all customers’ needs do not go unanswered. They are happy to help directly or indirectly with any issues and support our customers on a daily basis. 

Get In Touch

Please drop us an email via enquiries@porvairsciences.com or simply complete the contact form below to get in touch with a member of our Vyon® team.