Vyon® Treatments

Vyon® is a highly versatile and adaptable material that can be further enhanced with chemical and biological properties and are available in a wide range of treatments and modifications. 

Hydrophilic Vyon_PSL

Hydrophilic Treatment

(Plasma Treatment by Oxidation)

HDPE & UHMWPE are naturally hydrophobic so it can be difficult for water and aqueous solutions to be absorbed into or pass through the porous structure when needed. Through a process called plasma oxidation, the surface energy of these materials increases causing it to wet out when in contact with water and other aqueous solutions. This allows the liquid to be effectively absorbed into the pore structure. Hydrophilic Vyon® is perfect for applications such as wicking and can also be used to improve liquids passage through the structure or to enable the porous structure to act as a liquid reservoir (just like a sponge).

Super Hydrophobic/Oleophobic

(Plasma Treatment by Polymerisation)

By plasma polymerisation, short chain fluorocarbon monomers are chemically bound to the porous surfaces of Vyon® to impart a low surface energy. This makes the material repellent to hydrocarbons and other organic molecules and importantly, is extremely repellent to water.

Hydrophobic Vyon PSL
Vyon Functional_PSL


Chemical & Biological Functionalisation

Chemical anchor groups can be covalently attached to the surfaces of the pore structure either directly or using linkers, these groups can then be used to attach biomolecules such as protein A or G, peptides or other biologically active species to separate target molecules such as antibodies or chromatin from a complex sample matrix. Our in-house laboratories enables us to develop Vyon® for innovative life science technologies. 



Ultraclean Treatment

Vyon® materials are known for their very low extractables and leachables but for some applications it is important to reduce these to even lower levels. Vyon® can be treated to further reduce extractables such as short chain hydrocarbons. This is important if the frit or composite is being used in highly sensitive analyses, such as mass spectroscopy, where interferences coming from extractables must be kept to an absolute minimum.  

Vyon Ultraclean PSL
Vyon Laminates PSL

Membrane Lamination

Membranes can be attached to Vyon® surfaces using its thermoplastic properties. This allows the fragile membrane to function effectively with the minimum of occluded area thereby making the most of its valuable filtration and separation properties.

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