Microtiter Filter Plate

Recognised as a world leader in the supply of porous plastic frits, Porvair Sciences VyonTM material is an excellent choice as support media in sample preparation. It not only provides support for the resins but can also be designed for optimum flow; this is essential for efficient chemical reaction with the resins. VyonTM materials offer very low extractables so as not to interfere with the final sample analysis.


  • Mouldings
  • Rotary cute discs
  • Assembled products

Plastic Materials

  • VyonTM HDPE
  • VyonTM Composites
  • VyonTM Oleo/Hydrophobic
  • VyonTM Hydrophilic
  • VyonTM Ultraclean

Features and Benefits

  • Excellent frit to frit consistency
  • Porvair frits have extremely low leachables and low particle shedding
  • Sterilisation ethylene oxide and gamma radiation
  • Rigid and easy to assemble in mass production
  • Manufactured to tight tolerances with an excellent edge finish ensures an optimum fit into your column or plate
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