Hydrophilic Annular Absorbers & Discs

Press Release (21/03/2021)

High Performing Hydrophilic Porous Plastic Discs & Annular Absorbers

Vyon® porous plastic discs and annular absorbers manufactured to extremely tight tolerances by Porvair Sciences offer cutting-edge filtration and separation of materials for healthcare, pharmaceutical and life science applications.

Drawing upon a wealth of knowledge in the manufacture of industry-leading porous plastics, combined with advanced materials expertise, Porvair Sciences has established a reputation for delivering outstanding hydrophilic components to OEM customers worldwide. 

Employing precision moulding and die cutting processes, Porvair Sciences can efficiently convert hydrophilic Vyon® porous plastic into discs and annular shaped parts to tightly toleranced specifications. These versatile approaches enable Porvair to offer high performing, precisely manufactured products in diameters ranging from 3 mm to 1 metre using any of its hydrophilic Vyon® materials options up to 4.75 mm thick.

Hydrophilically-treated Vyon® materials have exceptional absorption and fluid transfer properties and therefore, can be implemented as an efficient absorber with its instantaneous wetting properties. Due to the tortuous path of its porous structure, hydrophilic Vyon® can efficiently filter and trap contaminants while allowing for effective delivery of drugs in various forms like solutions, suspensions and emulsions.

Hydrophilic Vyon® has been tested to the most rigorous of USP classes and certified with a Class VI approval. Widely used in drug delivery and rapid diagnostic testing applications, its biocompatibility makes Vyon® the ideal porous plastic material for healthcare, life science and pharmaceutical applications.

To discuss how an ultra-pure, hydrophilic Vyon® discs or annular absorber can help improve your healthcare products filtration and separation performance, please contact Porvair Sciences Ltd on +44-1978-661144 or enquiries@porvairsciences.com. Visit https://www.vyonporousplastics.com/material-treatments/ for more information.

Porvair Sciences are global leaders and original manufacturers and developers of cutting-edge porous plastics technologies. With patents dating back to the 1950's, our porous plastics continue to evolve, adapt and respond to changes in technologies, markets and customer needs. Empowered by over 50 years of industrial experience, we strive to continue delivering world class, high performing products while providing superior customer service, every step of the way. Our diverse team of scientists, engineers and creative thinkers are committed to providing expert solutions that brings value and integrity to our customers.

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