Supporting the fight against COVID-19

9th APRIL 2020

Supporting the fight against COVID-19 by adapting manufacturing

We are proud to announce that Porvair has rapidly adapted some of its manufacturing processes to join forces in the fight against COVID-19. This is in response to Government calls for businesses to support the production and supply of ventilators and ventilator components.

Ventilator and Breathing Apparatus

  • Segensworth Division - supporting Project Oyster (the British Consortium of carmakers, Formula One teams, and aeroplane manufacturers) who has been urged to build 10,000 ventilators. Porvair will be supplying flat discs to be used as air filters which protect against dust ingestion.
  • Wrexham Division - manufacturing filter components for several organisations who are now building breathing apparatus for hospitals.
  • Caribou Division - manufacturing and supplying critical porous metal parts for use within ventilators, clinical analysers and respirators.

Medical Testing

  • Sciences Division - increased production of millions of pipette tips for COVID-19 testing kits in the United States and supplying consumables for dozens of US testing laboratories.
  • Supplied bulk filtration media to one of our German distributors to be manufactured into filters for the German COVID-19 testing programme.
  • Wrexham Division - rapid development project to use existing DNA extraction products and technology to design and manufacture RNA extraction kits.

Pharmaceutical Production

  • Supplying chromatography bed supports and pharmaceutical grade water to pharmaceutical customers with increased production.
  • Seal Analytical - Our sister company are supplying water quality testing kits and general industrial filters to pharmaceutical and chemical reagent customers.

Whilst proving we can rapidly adapt processes to cater for these critical industries, we continue to manufacture our broad portfolio of products for our established markets. This includes aerospace and defence, nuclear, food and beverage and microelectronics.

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