Pipette Tip Filters

Upgrade your pipette liquid handling and sample protection capabilities with Vyon® pipette tip filters.


Specifically designed to prevent sample carryover and aerosol bypass, our expertise in porous plastic manufacturing enables us to offer a range of pipette tip filters that are produced with precise specification, optimal air flow and laboratory grade materials that ensure a clean and contaminant-free liquid handling system.

Superior Liquid Handling Properties

Greater optimised airflow for improved pipetting precision and accuracy. Obtain consistent and even target draw volume every time. Perfect for manual and automated pipette systems.

Robust Filters for High Volume Assembly

The inherent strength and hardness of Vyon® pipette tip filters means they are able to withstand up to 70% more compression than conventional porous plastic materials making them ideal for hardwearing automated assembly.


Manufactured to tight tolerances (+/- 0.1mm) ensures a sealed fit, every time. This prevents fine aerosol passing through the filter into the liquid handling system.

Pure & Clean Materials

Vyon® porous plastics is made from clean materials and are designed with purity in mind (CertacleanTM). 

  • Free of Heavy Metal Interference
  • FDA Approved Raw Materials
  • USP Class VI Approved
  • Manufacture with NO release agent

*Internal and 3rd party testing data is available on request.

Vyon® Materials

Designed specifically for use as pipette tip filters, our Vyon® materials are designed to prevent aerosol bypass and any sample carryover. Optimised to be the perfect fit in your tip, our Vyon® porous plastic filters can be manufactured in a wealth of sizes to meet your exact requirements. 

While our core business is bespoke engineered products, we offer a standard range of pipette tip filters materials. Help cut down on development time and tooling costs by using one of our standard Vyon® materials available in 2.95mm, 3.25mm, 3.55mm & 4mm thickness'. 

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