Pneumatic Silencers

The Vyon® silencer is a sintered polyethylene body moulded to a high density polyethylene adapter. Available in push-in and threaded formats, the silencers are designed to significantly reduce noise without compromising air flow. The silencer is directly attached to the exhaust port of a control valve. The exhausting air escapes to the atmosphere by expanding through the porous body. The noise from a single unsilenced exhaust port is reduced from about 90 decibels to between 60 and 70 decibels when fitted with a Vyon® silencer.



Threaded: M5 & BSP (British Standard Pipe)

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Features and Benefits

Significant noise reduction

Up to 30 decibels, the difference between an underground train and normal conversation.

Easy installation

Our silencers are available with M5 , BSP & Push In connections. They fit directly and must always match the size of the exhaust port.

Operating conditions

For application on systems with working pressures up to 150psi.

Minimal flow loss

Effectively zero in a vast number of applications.

Minimal maintenance costs

Elements can be cleaned and reused, reducing replacement and maintenance costs.

Maintenance free

Unaffected by water or oil. Silencers should not be allowed to become blocked or blinded with debris.

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