Porvair Sciences Invests in State of the Art SEM to Boost Quality in Manufacturing Excellence

News Release (24/05/23)

Porvair Sciences, global leaders in the manufacture of porous plastics are proud to announce the addition of an innovative, high-specification scanning electron microscope (SEM) to their R&D department. This new investment enables the company to bring greater value to customers by enhancing its expertise in porous plastic development.

The addition of the new SEM is part of Porvair Sciences ongoing commitment to quality excellence and new product development. An SEM is a type of microscope that produces an image by projecting and scanning the surface of a sample using a focused stream of electrons. This microscope will allow our researchers to uncover new levels of information on topography, elemental composition and will provide valuable insight to the behaviour and properties of manufactured components.

Julian Roman, Materials Development Scientist says “We often have customers looking for an alternative or new product so the more we know about our materials, the better we can work with the customer to deliver a solution that efficiently solves their problem,”. This new capability also opens up the opportunity to assess the quality of the raw materials used throughout the supply chain. As manufacturers’ serving customers in the medical and life science industries cleanliness and quality are of the highest priority. The SEM will allow us to reassure our customers that they are using high-quality, contaminant-free products.

The addition of scanning electron microscopy to Porvair Sciences suite of testing capabilities signals their continued commitment to quality and their drive to continue as leaders in porous plastic manufacturing.

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