Process Chromatography Bed Supports

Regulatory approved Vyon® materials are perfectly suited as a resin support media in the isolation and purification of pharmaceutical drug production. Strong and firm support with uniform flow is a prerequisite for these applications.

As columns size can vary, requiring up to 2m in diameter, we can custom manufacture to fit all proprietary column designs. The larger diameter disc supports are manufactured in a cGMP clean and temperature-controlled environment to achieve the tight tolerances required for this application.


Machined Discs & Shapes 

Plastic Material

  • Vyon®  HDPE
  • Vyon® UHMWPE
  • Vyon® Oleo/Hydophobic
  • Vyon® Hydrophilic

Features and Benefits

  • Rigid and robust to support resins over a large surface areas
  • Manufactured in a controlled environment to tight tolerances to ensure excellent sealing characteristics
  • Designed for optimum flow and retention of active material superior to other supports such as stainless steel
  • No need to clean and reuse
  • Manufactured from regulatory approved materials which can be treated to change their surface properties eg. hydrophilic
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