SPE Porous Plastic Frits

Recognised as a world leader in the supply of SPE frits, Porvair Sciences Vyon® material is an excellent choice as support media in sample preparation. It provides support for the resins but can also be designed for optimum flow; an essential property for efficient chemical reaction with the resins. Our Vyon® materials offer very low extractables as to not interfere with the final sample analysis.



  • Mouldings
  • Rotary Cuts
  • Assembled ProductsPlastic Material
  • Vyon® HDPE
  • Vyon® UHMWPE
  • Vyon® Composites
  • Vyon® Oleo/Hydrophobic
  • Vyon® Hydrophilic
  • Vyon® UltraClean

Features and Benefits

  • Excellent frit-to-frit consistency
  • Low leachables and low particle shedding
  • Sterilisation by ethylene oxide and gamma radiation
  • Rigid and easy to assemble in mass production
  • Manufactured to tight tolerances with an excellent edge-finish ensures an optimum fit into your column or plate
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